Friday, July 27, 2012

Blue Jeans

Hey, what's up people? Hope you are reading my blog with your biggest smile. How's your summer? How's your daily activities? Are you in a good shape? Have you take a bath? Well just skip that annoying questions. Straight to the point, last Tuesday, one of fashion blogger named Joshua Christian, commented on my previous post :

"when I opened this site I was expecting to see you in denim, so next look perhaps?"

Based on what he said before, I thought then. Why I don't make it? My blogtitle itself is denim jeans, it's just a nonsense if  I don't post something about denim jeans inside. Furthermore, since I just a new blogger, it is better for me to listen to another blogger's advices, it is  a part of learning to be a better blogger too. I believe, you who reading this post now is a high-experienced blogger! :)

I really love denim jeans, I wear it almost everyday. I do love the color. Blue is my favorite color. I think blue is the coldest color, it's fresh. Blue is about coolness, it's calm and hides mystery. .    

Blue symbolizes the truth. Like an ocean, the deep portrays sincerity. Like a wide and a high sky, blue describes an unlimited loyalty. And birds fly happily in the open blue sky tells me about freedom. The color of diamonds are blue, it tells that blue is the color of luxury. 

denim vest and t-shirt are unbranded , denim jeans by Learoute66 men boots

The boots above is one of my favorite shoes, it's a gift from my father's friend from Belgium. I don't know where did he buy this cool boots, actually this item was belong to my father, but the boots doesn't suit on my father's feet (he even never wear it) so he handed it over to me. I got this shoes at 2005, it such an old shoes, it's been 7 years but it's stiil look great, isn't it?

By the way, I wanna share a cool video from Lana Del Rey , it have the same title with my post. Watch it!


  1. finally you in jeans! super love how you work the vest :D and i've followed you back. have a great weekend yaaa

    Pudding Monster

  2. oh, welcome to the blogsphere then. listening other advice is good. it's good to see you on denim. It's like the basic item of fashion everyone should have, haha. I love wearing denim too, my favorite is a light denim. your boots is cool btw.


  3. you are such a cutie!! love the denim on denim look especilaly the two different tones of denim in one outfit

  4. hahaha now I have to ask advice from you about where to buy boots, yours are insane, I want those! u look rad, I always have wanted to wear denim vest together with boots but never have managed to find any good denim vest.
    as for navy blue, one thing good about it is that you can always wear almost every colours with it haha

  5. You have a great style! Beautiful denim jeans :)
    I'm following you now :)

    thankyou for your sweet comment :)

  7. LOVELY OUTFIT, love the denim and the boots, oh and I love that tune by lana too.

    mind following each other, dear?

  8. You look so stunning !! :)
    i like your boots , if i were a boy i want to have it :P
    mind to follow each other ?


  9. Love your boots, are awesome, i'm thinking to buy one but i'm not so sure :/

  10. hmmm....first, welcome to blogger...
    second, are u a fashion blogger?

  11. Love the Boots!

    thx for the comment, lets follow each other if you want


  12. Great blog. Interesting notes and the very nice appearance. ;p
    I wish you the nice weekend. ;)
    I am also inviting to my blog:
    I am greeting. Patricja!! ^.^

  13. cool!!! love your vest and boots!
    such an amazing blog! a denim jeans and doodle! cause you love both, rite?
    haha, writing and fashion - cause I love that too.

    btw thanks for your comment in my blog...

    visit my blog ♥

  14. followed (gfc)


  15. I love denim too, It's awesome :D

  16. They aren't so cool; D
    But thank you very much; p
    What you to it perhaps will we add ourselves to observed blogs? ;p

  17. hello again, yeah sure, I'm now following you via GFC. now it's your turn to follow me back;)


  18. hello :)
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  20. cool idea to use your denim jacket for this outfitpost. It looks good on you


  21. love your boots!! and great outfit! ;) anw, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    Missing Bee

  22. I just found your blog and adore it!
    Follow each other on Bloglovin / GFC? Let me know in the comments... I will be more than happy to follow you back!

  23. wow!! cool :)
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