Sunday, February 02, 2014

Out of Town

Okay, finally a new post since last Christmas. This was kind of long hiatus. I've been busy doing some outdoor activities and other important stuff, yeah you know, thesis is included. But I've always tried to find a chance to relax myself. We always need times for recreation, aren't we?

I don't like crowded place, I'd rather go to a deserted beach or a mountainous place, and feel unite with the nature. Places like these are my paradises. I could forget my burden and free my mind for a while, out of town and quiet. So I went to Bromo Mountain which is located in East Java, everything's so beautiful here, and I'd love to be there again someday. 

So what's your favorite place for vacation, pals? See you on the next post, I promise I'll do blog-walking more. But you may catch me on other social medias like instagram, twitter or even Path. Just search my name, Andudei. Thank you! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monochromatic Christmas

Hello folks, it's December already and we're just getting closer to 2014. Yes, this month is always be the favorite month of the year, right? Its lovely weather, happiness and holidays, and of course when we talk about December we shouldn't forget about end year sale, umm... I believe you really love this one. But I just couldn't be more happier since I can celebrate Christmas again this year.

I don't want to talk to much about how my Christmas is, the only one thing I'm gonna tell you is I'm blessed and happy cause I'm home. I love my family and always will. 

Talk about outfits, red, gold, or maybe green are the common colors to wear on Christmas. I wear red and gold last year, and this year I choose black and white. A monochromatic look. This shirt is my own design. I don't dress too much for Christmas cause I love a simple look, simple but not ordinary.  

At last but not least, I wanna say Merry Christmas my dear friends, may our days always be fulfilled with joy, grace, love, peace, laughter and happiness! And here's a song for you, too.


Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hey it's been a long time, pals? Yes I only post once a month recently, how lazy.But I still post my daily updates on my instagram @andudei if you want to follow. Well, talking about November for me it's not only about the lovely rain or its coldy weather, but also my birth month too. I turned 21 this month. It was at November 12th.

Turning 21 is not just about you are allowed to walk in the bar and get drunk legally, it's a lot more than that. Some people say that over 20s is the key to adulthood.Yes I understand this quote since I know that life and problem grows more complicated as we grow older. In this stage I over thinking about my future so often, will my life later can become what I expect it to be?

And in this age, I have to start to change myself, from the one who always say "just let it flow" to the one who will say "I will make it". I realized that from this time I don't need to be a passenger in life for any longer, from now on I'll drive and decide where do I go. I don't want to be a kind of person that waits for things to happen, I want to be the one that makes them happen. And I'll find my own destiny, because I believe that destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice, it's not a thing to be waited for but it's a thing to be achieved.

And as I grow older, I just want to be a better person. I know I'm not perfect but I always hope I can perfectly complete the life of everyone who loves me. I want to be the reason they smile, though  I know I'm not the only one. But as long as I live, I hope my presence can bring happiness to them.

Okay, let's talk about my outfits. It's still cold outside and keeps getting colder as we go to the end of the year. I still love my coat that I got from thrift-shopping to warm me up and mixed it with my self-designed ikat shirt and a white jeans from Lea and an unbranded beanie I found at Carrefour. And you see what I hold here, It's not a clutch, it's a Bible case.

See you on the next post readers!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Rainy Days

November is getting closer and it means that rain will come often.Yes, I love rain. I remember when I was young, I used to run way home when the rain came after school and got wet freely, laughed with my friend and splashing around without thinking about disease. 

Until now I still find joy in the rain. I am a pluviophile. The scent of petrichor relaxes me and the sounds of the raindrops bring me peace of mind. I want to run outside and feel the tears of the sky upon my skin, but who wants to run with me? How can they say the love rain but they keep themselves away from getting wet and stay under their umbrella? 

I'd rather let my coat embrace me and face the rain bravely.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lean on Me

there will be sad times,
painful days
but I'll be with you through thick and thin
I tell you,
you'll never walk alone

the hopes we carry in our heart
are lighted up as stars that twinkling in the night sky

the wind that sneak into our skin
are premonitions for what's to come tomorrow

now let's take a stroll,
and flows with the melody of the fallen leaves

friendship isn't simply a word
it's about heart
it's an unconditional trust between us

please feel free to lean on me, and I, too, will lean on you as well

Okay, I have to spend this whole October working in an office for an internship, spend my day mostly in an office is not so me since I love to chill out my days outdoor. I am so sorry for the lack of post and blog-walking rarity. It only fatigue left on my body when I get home, but at least, I still have a tiny energy to sing.    

 And I just made an illustration too, I made this while waiting for the off time of internship. Guess who?