Friday, July 27, 2012

Summertime Dreams

Hot summer oh hot hot summer!
Well I am still on my summer holidays, college starts on September  and I am so bored to stay at home. It is freak, sometimes I miss my college time in my  holidays, but it's kinda freak too, when the college starts later, I'm going to miss my holidays back. My friends are get busy with their own business, they're already have their own holiday plans. How happy they are. But me, so far, just like a bird in a cage, going nowhere because I don't have any money. I wish I found a diamond in my backyard.. Errrrgh.

I spend most of  my days in my room.  Scratching on my sketchbook, hmm, at least I can do one of my hobbies. Then one day in my boring time I started doodling, and...

The resulted image truly came from my heart and my mind, my heart wants vacation, my mind goes over many places I want to visit. Hmm, I envy you guys who are on vacation.  I think I better go to sleep. Maybe I can visit Paris, go diving and lazying on the beach, playing on the carousel, seeing animals, and go shopping in my dreams.  

Wake me up when September ends.


  1. hi, i love your doodle, and it will be nice if you want make me a doodle for my blog *ngarep

    i followed you back and yea i'm a part of choir, i am a tenor-is.

  2. I feel like I'm writing this.

    I've missed my summer as well. Been immersed in a lot of work these weeks. Summer is almost over, and I question myself: what the hell have I been doing with my life?

    Dreams. Some things remain better in dreams. Others are better found in reality. Vacations are better materialized.

    Let's get our asses off, then. 'Cause diamonds are found in your backyard, boy.


  3. Your jeans are so cool -- love the color.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. first time visiting your blog.... :D :D

    I hope you visit those places you've dreamed about!!! :)) I love traveling also... and I hope to spend my life doing it; travel as work should be funnn... hahaaha. but yeah, i cnt find diamonds in my backyard either /sigh/ so, i guess for now, at least once a year for now?

    mind to visit my blog? :))

    have a nice dayyy~