Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I want to see a giraffe, would you take me to the zoo?

Just another good day to post. I'm in a good mood because I get a very very long holiday. I've been waiting for college starts on September, still about a month to waste and do many  things. Get fat? Absolutely. Just spend my day eating and sleep, my Mama told me to do some work outs, swimming maybe, but I get too lazy to do that, better stay in my room open my social network, read online magazines and accidentally I visit fashion blogger sites. By the way I'm just a newbie in this blogspace, still confuse about the concept and the content itself. But then I caught a lot of fashion blogger sites inspires me, why I don't start to make it too? So here I come, my first post about fashion. I really need your response guys, critique, comment, even appreciation maybe? ;)

 shirt: self tailored 
trouser: eddie bauer 
 shoes: fladeo ( sold at a discount at Matahari Dept. Store)


  1. congratulations and good luck on the new blog! you have successfully made a nice blog though you think you still don't completely master the applications haha anyhow, when I opened this site I was expecting to see you in denim, so next look perhaps? ;)

  2. looovee the shirt! i like how you get creative with that giraffe head :P welcome to blogging world!

    Pudding Monster

  3. hahahahaha it's so funny your giraffe head picture!!!

    Love your t-shirt!!!


  4. thanks for visiting my blog dude, what a cute T-shirt, and yea i really adoring someone who can make a doodle.

  5. thanks for visit and leave ur comment at my blog.
    I like ur blog layout, simple and looks different. Just my opinion , i think your shirt and pants too big . But if u feel comfortable, just wear what you like. Be yourself !
    Welcome to blogsphere :)