Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Green Grass of Home

Yes they'll all come to meet me, arms reaching, smiling sweetly
It's good to touch the green, green grass of home..

The text above is a part of a lyric from one of my favorite country song, titled Green Green Grass of Home. It's an old famous country song. There was so many singer ever sang this song, so there are so many version recorded,  I usually hear Elvis' version. I don't know and I don't really concern about the original one. Elvis version was popular in 1975,  it was 37 years ago, but however, I still like to play this song on my media player.

My father love this song, he used to sing it in the house when I was child, almost everyday. Hmmm... maybe that's why I love this song now, I have listened it since I was little, as you know it, children are  fast learner. Even now I still remember the every part of the lyric.

Today's outfit post is inspired by that song. So I styled  myself in green. Then I looked for a green shirt, I found it on my cupboard, but bad, it wasn't totally green as I wanted. Even though the color is green, there are yellow to, and it have square motifs. And it got worse when I only get one shirt and the worst that the left sleeve was ripped, so I decided to cut both of the sleeves. FYI, the shirt was a self-made, my grandma sewed it by herself,  but now I've ruined her masterpiece. Sorry grandma!

Wearing sleeveless shirt prevents you from over-sweat, since the weather is very hot today, I better choose to wear this. The air feel so fresh when I wore this. I have to be really confident to show my armpit, indeed. But I don't need to worry 'cause my armpits are smell like mints, it's a good aromatherapy. Hahahaha.. :D

Then, denim again, yes, I like to wear denim! That's why I put 'denim' on my blog name right? I had Insight 51's denim short underneath my D.I.Y shirt. The color of the short suited on my green shirt. What I wore is a simple outfit for an afternoon walk, so I wore Nevada's slip on shoes, I bought it at a low price at Matahari Dept. Store.

And that handbag, which it has a color of denim, I created it by myself, Hmm..  I have to learn how to sew it tidier. I usually bring that handbag when I go to church, to put my holy bible inside.  But I think that bag is good enough for walk too,  I can put some important things like phone cellular, wallet, and a tiny tumbler, it's not heavy at all.

Now I'm going to go to the park and find the green green grass to lay on!     


  1. cool one! you didn't ruin your grandma's shirt, cuz it work out!

    visit my blog too;) ♥

  2. followed back dear. love your sleeveless outfit, and the shoes <3

  3. hoooo....goodluck then for the new blog...aniway, I was trying to be a fashion blogger before...but then I don't have any photograher...ehehehehe.....soo...goodluck 4 u....

  4. I like it, like it ...c'mon,,,

    can't wait for the next...

  5. your grammy would be happy seing her grandson's creativity by modifying her masterpiece.
    hehe XD

    OMG I just remembered. Baru skrg. kmrn gak nyadar.
    Jadi ini bang andu yang header blognya penuh makhluk2 unik dulu?
    yang blog nya putih dan penuh gambar2 pensil?
    yang kalo gak salah pernah post gambar Twitter overcapacity dengan putri duyung itu??

    wahahahaha XD


  6. its a lovely song i thought! ❤
    anyway youdont ruined your grandma masterpiece :D
    love your DIY handbag and totally your outfit :)

  7. hello, thanks for the comment :)

    and, sure green green grass is a nice place to hide and lay down .. while watching the blue sky ;p


  8. you're very creative! i love the whole look! <3

  9. i'm loving your modified plaid shirt!! something that i would recommend my bf to buy :D
    and that handbag!!!! you're already so awesome for being able to make your own handbag! thumbs up! (y) (y)

  10. Cool look. Love the shirt and the song:D
    Thx for your nice note,
    xx chris

  11. Love your shorts!!!

    1. hi!
      just blogwalkin and saww your post, my parents also like to play this golden songs :P