Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lean on Me

there will be sad times,
painful days
but I'll be with you through thick and thin
I tell you,
you'll never walk alone

the hopes we carry in our heart
are lighted up as stars that twinkling in the night sky

the wind that sneak into our skin
are premonitions for what's to come tomorrow

now let's take a stroll,
and flows with the melody of the fallen leaves

friendship isn't simply a word
it's about heart
it's an unconditional trust between us

please feel free to lean on me, and I, too, will lean on you as well

Okay, I have to spend this whole October working in an office for an internship, spend my day mostly in an office is not so me since I love to chill out my days outdoor. I am so sorry for the lack of post and blog-walking rarity. It only fatigue left on my body when I get home, but at least, I still have a tiny energy to sing.    

 And I just made an illustration too, I made this while waiting for the off time of internship. Guess who?


  1. good luck for your internship! work is really power-consuming most of the time so make sure you get enough rest. coveting your blazer rn. deeply want.

    and you have a nice voice :)

    c a r a m e l a t t e

  2. nice look.. love your shoes..

  3. ciee ndu, anak intern skrg makanya pake suit ya hihi. anyway, you look great as usual walopun ditempa keletihan sebegitu rupa hahaha. semangaaat!


  4. ciee ndu, anak intern skrg makanya pake suit ya hihi. anyway, you look great as usual walopun ditempa keletihan sebegitu rupa hahaha. semangaaat!


  5. nice outfit !

    xx Julien

  6. Personally, I am not too keen about the way the pants match with the shoes, the cut looked disheveled accented with the large toe of the footwear. Perhaps a more fitting trousers would suffice since the shoes are already big, or if you fancy the pants much then a change of footwear would be good, such as dress boots or monk straps. Overall, I like the play of colour and the blazer is just snazzy.

    Good luck about the internship, hope it doesn't derail you much from expressing yourself on your blog. Will be waiting for the next post!

  7. cool outfit. love the combination :)

  8. great outfit, love how you pairing that stripes shirt with blazer :D
    anyway nice song! :)

  9. cute shoes dear :D
    and great mix :D


  10. The outfit is amazing but let me tell you something: you did a great job with that "YOUR SONG" cover, I´m in love with it, great voice!

    Thanks for your comment

  11. good luck with your internship job Andu! I don't really like indoor activity too ^^
    my favorite photo is the one with your big smile :D

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  12. re : crowded banget malah ndu ! heheh btw aku suka skrng style anak interenship pake blazer mulu yaa hehe sukses ya boy. iyaa soon harus meet up yaa. aku juga skip kayaknya nh aduuh :(

  13. i love ur shoes! beli dimandose? :o

  14. Hello, thanks for your comment ;)
    I wanna see your nia daniaty's lips sync please :D
    Hey, I have a photo with her too in my blog. Scumbag no :P


  15. lovely blog :)

  16. neat outfit! :)
    anyway, how about following each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  17. I somehow find pain in your voice, probably due to your sickness? like you're almost holding back tears, I really love the fragility, though.
    Loving the idea of the beige like blazer on stripes, SO UK MAN!, loving the white trousers too, and the shoes altogether is just so andu!loving everything!
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  18. looking so sophisticated!
    love this outfit

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  19. love how you combine the stripes and that beige color.
    good luck for your internship! :D

  20. stripes never gone wrong!! nice look!

  21. love this look! btw, that's a very good illustration! is that cara delevingne?

  22. you look great !
    i love this look of yours!


  23. Very nice look!