Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Rainy Days

November is getting closer and it means that rain will come often.Yes, I love rain. I remember when I was young, I used to run way home when the rain came after school and got wet freely, laughed with my friend and splashing around without thinking about disease. 

Until now I still find joy in the rain. I am a pluviophile. The scent of petrichor relaxes me and the sounds of the raindrops bring me peace of mind. I want to run outside and feel the tears of the sky upon my skin, but who wants to run with me? How can they say the love rain but they keep themselves away from getting wet and stay under their umbrella? 

I'd rather let my coat embrace me and face the rain bravely.  


  1. oemjeeey suka bgt sm bhs lo "I'd rather let my coat embrace me and face the rain bravely." asiiiig bgt ndu hahaha. anw, love your black jacket deh - very vintagy in a cool way hahaha.


  2. It's a great look perfect for autumn

  3. perfect outfit for rainy day. looks so warm when wearing layering outfit like you did in this photo.

  4. like your look.. :)

  5. Great mix , love the print t-shirt :D


  6. love the way you layering your outfit :)

  7. Hey there! Thanks for your lovely comment, its always a pleasure for me to know about you!

    I love this, is a great mix and I´m such a fan of layering! Stunning!

    Hugs from

  8. couldn't agree more with your statement 'How can they say the love rain but they keep themselves away from getting wet and stay under their umbrella?'
    that's really true, it's like a paradox.
    anyway love the blazer, look so dope!

  9. I really like this one! I love the way your coat matches with the plaid shirt. I love November too because of the weather, and since it's my birth month. You seem to love white trousers very much.

  10. hii thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment I really like your style!

  11. andu super love plaid layered by black on white, it's so crisp and clean and chic, u look awesome (and yay RAIN)
    oh and do check my highly controversial halloween post
    THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-"Harvest Moon: October 31st 1897"

  12. I also love rain! I love the smell of the wet ground and the sound of water drops smashing the soil hmmm ^^ Hope the rain season brings you fortune xoxo


  13. looking good!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

  14. adore the plaid top and black outer layering! the best thing is rain season is that you can do more layering yayyy.
    omg yesterday i was completely soaked in the rain even i alr use umbrella! but..yeah sometimes its good o embrace the rain and feel tears of the sky like u said.

  15. love the top!

  16. nice post!

  17. nice mix and match for rainy day <3

  18. Haha :) emang baunya hujan itu nenangin banget sih. Tanah basah.
    Happy belated birthday by the way

  19. love the whole outfit :D


  20. I don't really like getting wet, honestly. But I love when it comes rain, I can sit back at my backyard drink a cup a coffe while reading a book, so lovely moment.
    the fact that I dont like getting wet, this look will be helpful for me. Btw, eventhough your t-shirt peeking at your outfit but I see your t-shirt looks cool

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  21. Cool looks!

    But I don't really like the beanie......
    maybe you can wear it with another look, hehe