Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, Happy Fasting!

Well, err, this is my first post in this brand new blog. I don't know what I should post actually. Should I tell you about myself? About this blog maybe? Hmm, those things is already posted on my blog, just click the image on my sidebar. I've write about it there. Alright. What day is it? Sunday. I use to hate Sunday. Sunday is a day before Monday, and Monday is the first day of the week and commonly a busy day when I have to back to my daily lecture activities. But now, I'm on a holiday so I can't waste my time for doing whatever and sleep late at night. Any way I'd like to say happy fasting for you people who celebrate Ramadhan.... 

In this Ramadhan, we skip our daily food time, we don't eat or drink anything from morning to evening, people get their mouth dry and smell bad. Most of people spend their day sleeping like a cat and wake up at the "break time" just to stay away from feeling hungry. But people, survive and be strong, make a sacrifice this Ramadhan, and God will listen to your prayers with utmost attention. Keep calm and cool, forgive and share to each other. Don't get your heart and mind boiled up. Be positive and happy fasting..

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