Thursday, May 16, 2013


How is your May, readers? Lovely? I hope so.
Okay, this lazy blogger is back and I swear I will visit you all my dearest readers who had left a sweet comment on my previous post. I am glad that finally I can write an outfit post again since I've done with midterm exam and a lot of homeworks (there weren't so many homeworks actually, but my procrastination made all of those homeworks felt so rough, lol). So by this outfit post  I present you a statement stripes. Somebody told me that stripes and monochrome become one of the major styles and trends in this spring/summer 2013. So this is my stripy look!

(undbranded (customed) stripe shirt and black pants , Quiksilver shoes , handmade bracelet)

Anyway, I also want to show you my another illustration for my fashion blogpal, her name is Mitha Komala, she blogs at Letters to Juliet. I guess you guys, especially Indonesian fashion bloggers, might have already knew about her. Her dope and edgy style inspire people and brought her to be the one of the prominent fashion blogger in Indonesia. Here's my illustration that (may) describe her statement style. Watch her fabulous blog, here. And you can check her daily updates on twitter and instagram with username @mithakomala.  



  1. stripes is always been long lasting fashion item.
    btw, ganti banner yaa :)
    kereen deh ilustrasinya. itu dibuat pake aplikasi atau gambar tangan? salut!

  2. I don't know if it's because of the B&W of the pics, but that tee could look amazing with blue jeans ;)

  3. Love the contrast of the two types of stripes.


  4. Stripes is on the trend, they're hitting the world

  5. yeahh totaly agree with you about stripes is on trend !!
    super cool illustration <3

  6. Stripes never dies!! :D whatever season it is. I post some pics of my stripes outfit. would you check it? ;) also, feel so much relief to find another indonesian male fashion blogger like you :) One of my friend wants to be a fashion blogger too. But he's to afraid to start because he never find one. Well actually, it's a lot. right? :)

    rizuna from 100% nerd

  7. wah nice simple outfit! stripes will be the trend for this year.. i love the illustration.. :)

    Hei Echa!

  8. Such a cool Shirt! simple yet edgy! wish you could doodle me one day! still counting on it lol

  9. black and white look is simply astonishing <3 and your illustration is just too cool!

  10. Andu love your new banner! Yes stripes is soooooo in this season, even my birthday party theme is monochromatic patterns, check it out on my blog

    "The Photographic Sense:The 16th Mod Birthday Party" on

  11. Very nice outfit! i like the shirt! anda amazing illustration!


  12. Nice illustration.. Love Mitha Komala's style <3
    Following you

    Chic Swank

  13. Great post. Keep up the fabulous work!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  14. Gorgeous!
    Have an amazing day
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

    New beauty post up on my blog - love to know what you think! :)

  15. yap thats right, monochrome and stripes are the trend fashion for spring/summer 2013
    anw, header baru nih kak. Well i love your illustration kak. Mirip bgt sm mitha, haha.

  16. Nice shirt. Stripes are so in right now!! :)

  17. love your shirt :D
    btw itu aku fotonya di candi Ratu Boko :) hehehe ayo main ke jogja :D

  18. cool stripes!!

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  20. I like this outfit!
    Can you tell me how you make the painting?
    Reply me there please:
    xoxo Den.

  21. nice stripes outfit and i like your cover!

    style frontier

  22. Love that shirt! Simple but welldressed! Anyway that illustration of Mitha is simply amazing!