Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lekat Launching and SS2013 Presentation

Hello fellas, back again to April 27th 2013. That day there was a cool event held at Dia.Lo.Gue, Kemang, South Jakarta. This event was presented by Lekat and it was really awesome, so glad to be invited to see this brand's launching and see their Spring / Summer ready to wear 2013 presentation.

Well, let me tell you about this brand first. Lekat is kind of unique name, this name was taken from Indonesian vocabulary, which in English, it means to sticl closely or stick tightly. Lekat describes something clingy. Amanda Indah Lestari, the creative director of Lekat wants this brand stick with people's mind and clings into their heart. Clothes and eccessories (or jewelries) have important role to show personal character, they stick close to people and mark good memories on them. And this is what Amanda wants for her Brand, to always be remembered and stick tightly to the customer.

For this brand debut collection, this brand was inspired by the strong feminism spirit of Nia Dinata (an Indonesian movie director) and Frida Kahlo (a popular mexican painter). Lekat Spring/Summer 2013 ready to wear collection represents chic and classic style which is combined with both feminine and masculine style and tailored in simply wearable modern cutting.

The materials used for the collection are linen, tween and of course the ethnic Indonesian woven fabric, Tenun Baduy, that make this collection become axotically awesome. This Tenun Baduy with its lines and squares pattern is designed to become a wearable clothes with an unfinished cutting technique which let the woven strings loose in the edge of the cut. This collection also play on fun spring and summer color tone like maroon, white, navy blue, navy green, aqua blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow and terracotta.

The Fashion Show:

The fashion show presents both women's wear and men's wear. Since this is spring / summer collection,  the outfits' color are generally have brighter tones, that represents the joy of spring and summertime gladness. The design have simply awesome style yet plain, masculine and feminine lines which is good for mix and match. So the outfits are really wearable for both men and women who want to stay stylish in their daily activities.

Collections Showroom ( The Pop Up Market):

This event also open a pop up market which serve a lot of eclectic fashion items. Lekat has a lot of amazing collections, the outfits sold there are uniquely designed and have exotic patterns, their accessories are also beautiful and every piece of items have their own special characteristic.


I was really really happy to be invited to this event, Lekat is exotically amazing and make me more and more proud to be an Indonesian. And Lekat told me how rich and beautiful Indonesia's ethnic fabric and pattern is.

(Nia Dinata, Lekat inspiration for S/S 2013 collection)

 (Melissa Karim , she hosted the event)

(Me with Amanda Indah Lestari, the creative director of Lekat)

(Me with Idham Rously, he invited me to this event)

(Me with Ayushita Nugraha)

So, are you dying to know about this wonderful brand?  
And wanna have their collections to stick with you? 
You can find Lekat here!


Some photos are credited to Lekat


  1. nice! the designs are so unusual!

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  3. aah sayang ga bisa datang.. hehe next event emoga bs meet up ya !! hehe btw i love your deni jacket .. hmm lagu apa aja yg maroon5. hihi :p one of my favorite soalnya..hehe

  4. I love the outfits. Very well put together.

  5. really nice creative asian looking style and outfits :)))

  6. the pieces look so beautiful!

  7. such a great event, sayang sekali jauh dri tempatku hahaha :)

  8. what a nice event.
    I love your style as well :)

  9. Great blog, nice atmosphere, interesting here with you. :) Regards! In my note of
    extraordinary event involving historic steam locomotives. You are cordially invited! :)
    I hope you enjoy it. Kisses.

  10. the brand looks great. Lovely pictures

  11. Wow this looks very promising. I see a few noteworthy pieces...

  12. Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
    Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :)
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  13. Wonderful, would like to attend to this kind of events! You´re such a lucky guy and thanks for share these amazing pictures!

  14. heii.. I just found your blog and your outfit so nice :D

  15. Fantastic selection! Events like that are very very funny!


  16. I just love how modernity and traditional patterns are mixed in this show :)


  17. nice!

  18. how lucky you are Andu to be invited.
    The design is so unique, and I like the brand name too! ^^

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  19. ih nduuu keren abiss! gw sk bgt collections nya authentic gt <3 warnanya apik2 trs potongannya keren pisan lah hahaha. azignya bisa di invite di launchingnya *muka jealous* hehehe


  20. The whole collection looks so traditionally fabulous!! Btw I love your shirt on previous post <3 <3

  21. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Lekat really has the unique and traditional feel into its pieces, I love the ethnic necklace they're showcasing.
    Great post!

    Sequin Queen

  22. Hey, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog post!
    I know Lekat! I love it when traditional meets modern. Cool post, btw.

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  23. i've heard of Lekat a couple oftimes now and truly curious to wear them!

  24. Lovely clothing!
    love the outfit on the 2nd picture :D


  25. kyaaa love it >.<
    i also find this on kak lulut's tumblr
    its so indonesian, so lovely.
    Sayangnya lagi g di jkarta :(

    if you have a leisure visit mine


  26. keren banget shownya, indonesia banget deh :D
    have a nice day ya!

  27. oh i get it. ke jakarta untuk ini yaa :)

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  29. awesome collection
    awesome post!

    so you buy lekat's stuff too?

  30. Such a great event! I love all of the collection <3
    and also your outfit! Simply show your coolness.

    crunchy cheese me

  31. Where was it? in Jakarta or Semarang?