My name is Andudei Hardyanta Husada Dompas, but simply call me Andudei. I celebrate my birthday every November, at the 12th day. I adore arts but I'm not an artist, I just love to draw. I have  a special note which is more filled with doodles than my writings. I'm not a movie geek, I even rarely watching movies. I prefer take myself to the karaoke room to get myself entertained, I love singing. I like to eat seafoods and love to drink milks. My favorite place is art gallery, I like walking there to get inspiration. I love magazine (hmm i'm not reading it by the way, just adore the picture).  The way I dressed is focused on my self-comfort, I never concern about what kind of style it's called. 
I started blogging on July, 2012. Who inspires me? There are so many bloggers who inspires me, I've been reading and watching a lot of blogs before, such as Style Salvage, Hot Chocholate and Mint, theyulianzone and et cetera. Bloggers nowadays are creative and awesome, I want to be part of the community where I can share and get some fun with them.

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