Saturday, December 01, 2012

Purple December

Finally I'm coming back again, like it's been a long time, and yes, it was a very long time. In the previous month, I was vanished from this sweet virtual world (this blogsphere) because I had to beat my busy days outside.
I  didn't write anything to my blog for a month, I was surrounded by tons of duties.  
They poured like November rains, so I had no time to look after my lovely 'Doodle and Denim Jeans'. A bad bloggers, no? Seems like it's always hard for me to befriend with the time.  Stupid.


I will describe my mourning November as a palette and its color. That month, my palette was fulfilled with red and blue, which in the end, they fused into a dark purple.

Dark purple embodied the balance of red's brave emotion and blue's cold calmness. 

Then dark purple described the mistery, where there was an agressive angers that locked inside my drunken heart. I kept them on secret, they unreleased,  and they hid in my coldest smile. 

The dark purple went deeper, it burried me in sadness. But I kept on silence, tried to control my red emotion with my blue calmness. I concealed something painful, without tears. I was balancing my self.
I pretended I was not hurt,
I went about the world like I was having fun.


Here we come to Desember, when my dark purple turns brighter. The Christmas euphoria starts to shine my darky heart. The white of the snow changes the dark purple into the bright ones.

Nothing I have to remember about my sadness in November, my pallet now is added with white, when the dark purple turns into a bright purple, which embodies something fun and playful.      

Bright purple promotes harmony of my mind and emotions. I've already win the war in my heart before. That victrory gives my mental balance and stability, a peace of mind.

The Christmas euphoria which comes in this early December makes me happy. I find love and peace in the people around me. 

I am relieved now.


Everybody loves December. I hope you guys, my readers, are feeling happy too. 
Enjoy the month. Be home for Christmas. 
You won't feel so alone.   

 (tailored blazer and trouser, unbranded Batik printed tee, shoes bought at a random store in Bandung

~P.S: I'm sorry for the bad image resolution, they were taken by phone~


  1. purple looks extremelly wonderful on you, we all MISS you. xo.

  2. actually i don't really like the month of Christmas for reasons i won't tell haha, but yeah, it's good that the festivity is near i guess.
    you look great! (:

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  3. You did a great job with the blazer and that top/shirt!

    Enjoy December! It makes me happy too!

    Pablo from

  4. You really look amazing! that shirt is gorgeous! It's so difficult to find a man who really wears great... I'm following!! xx

  5. well comeback

  6. Nice blazer :D
    keep posting dear :D

    btw would you like to follow each other dear? pleae let me know if you want :D
    and i have a new post hope you like it :D

  7. love your style, you look like high school post-graduate who want to go to prom night! :)

  8. adorable!


  9. you look sharp and chic! love everything you're wearing here :)

  10. im so excited this december! love this look! :)

  11. Love your blazer so much!! And your shoes!! NOW I'FOLLOWING YOU ON GFC and BLOGLOVIN!!!
    Follow me back if you like!!! ;)
    And you can enter my giveaway!!

  12. TOSSSS! gw jg udh lama bgt gk nge blog hahaha & i think it's normal, so we're definitely NOT bad bloggers ;p (in denial lol) anw, excited jg nih Christmas is coming, and New Year... n gk kerasa udh setahun lg lewat, ugh.


  13. you looks great ....
    met kenal aja

  14. glad to see you back. you've been missed! :D

    another great style. super nice! i love the color of your socks tbh. and you look great!

  15. great your back, it's been a while!

    nice pics, you look really good in a blazer

  16. I love it! I think we are on the same blogging schedule or something because every time I decide to post late, you do too! But I know you get how life gets in the way and you don't always have time! Over break though we can post more for sure! Awesome outfit! And thank you for your comment!

  17. So stylish! <3

  18. blazer is always the right choice! love your shoes! :))

  19. loving your tee for sure!

    coz "Kak Andu" sounds cool, I think :p
    Btw I didn't know you're 19.

    Bukannya kak Andu 92?
    itu mah bukan seumuraaannn :))

  20. i like the printed tee :)

  21. i really really like your printed tee.
    awesome! nice to see u back anyway.

  22. nice to know you come back :)
    hey, wanna follow each other via google friend connect? :)

    sweet and sugars,

  23. really love your blazer <3 and your printed tee is amazing <3

  24. Cool outfit! I'm a fan of that T-shirt! :D


  25. Anduu, I miss you a lot :D I'm busy too with my organization, community, etc.. and I can't blogwalking :(

    yes December comes (and it's going to end soon :( , and I really like December too, holiday, visiting my friends who celebrate Christmas, and new year..~~

    The Batik printed tee and the blazer match each other, its look like Navy to me though.

    my little cream button♥