Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Prejudice

I was born in a country where there are "some people" who like to judge others based on prejudice. They act like god, think themselves holy but sh*t. 

Recently, I just put my attention to election in Jakarta, where primordial issue was used as a weapon in a political campaign. I just found a kind of radical discrimination happened beyond Jakarta's Governor elections. The outline of the case is, the elections finally resulted two strongest candidates to re-election, they are Foke and Jokowi. While waiting for the re-election day, Foke parties did a black campaign, intimidating citizens to stop supporting Jokowi. The media found that they used primordial issues to attack him. Foke's parties said that Jokowi doesn't deserve to get the authority to lead Jakarta in the next period because of his race, there's a one of Foke supporter who said that Ahok (Jokowi's partner) 's religious views doesn't represent the majority of Jakarta citizens. The story got worse since Indonesian King of  Dangdut, Rhoma Irama took a part of this campaign too.

Well, actually, talking about this issue is very sensitive. When I wrote this post I didn't mean to offend anyone,  just wanna share my thought and telling you the fact that was just happened. I even thought about that maybe this post will cause pros and cons, but however, I didn't mean to provoke anyone. So guys, when you read this post, I hope you'd be wise, be open minded and be objective too. You may agree or disagree.

And as a part of learning, I have to told you about this. As we are young generation, don't ever judge people from its cover. Even they're different to you. Even you're white and they're black, we walk in the same track to build a better world, we should work hand in hand for our better future. A future where peace and grace found all over the world. No hate feelings, no prejudice. 

War may be born from prejudice and resentment. We have to love and care people sincerely for whoever they are. Always keep the tolerance on the freedom of others. Stop prejudging, stop labeling, and stop discrimination.

       Vest : D.I.Y, White Shirt: Unbranded, Black Trousers: Tailored , Shoes by Zara    

(I drew that image above  by myself, with a help from Easy Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop)

"No matter black, white or beige, Chola or orient made,
I'm on the right track baby,I was born to be brave."

Lady Gaga - Born This Way


  1. ooh i heard about it and i really really feel disgusted by foke. he should change his name to fake. because that's what he is. attacking people just by their race and look shows how immature and childish he is. he's too desperate to win. i hope he doesn't win though. i know better candidates to win.

    on the other hand, i love your style :D the vest is just cute. i wish any of my friend would style themselves up like you in this pic tho. and tell me how comfy those pants are. i might snatch em hihi have a good day <3

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I decided to follow your blog on Twitter, Facebook and Google Friend 'cos I think it's very original! :)

  3. i heard it too. Well, my dad said that religion and politic can't be gather, an Ulama should not interrupt politic.

    I love your outfit! really match with the background XD

  4. thank you :) i love your style and I am the new follower

  5. Great pics!!!!!


  6. it's terrible to judge to other
    first we have to look inside of us

  7. you need to tell me how you made that vest it looks sooo cool!


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  9. great article.. i agree with you, Inndoensian peoples just can judge and discriminate the others people. If the don't like with someone they will discriminate extremly...

    by the way i love this article, you can mixed hthe fashion post with political post.. great way to write a blogpost! hehehe

    btw i loove your vest.. mauu.. >.<

    p.s: btw i bought the cardigan on Monday To Sunday visa online :)

    Hei Echa!

  10. people who can only judge others, it's because they aren't capable of being the people they despised. ;) btw nice outfit!

  11. I'm starting to umm.. understand your outfit, they're rather vintage, eh? and some includes many denim.
    Anyways, in response to your post, I was about to talk about this too but I'm not really an expert in politics and stuff so no, not a fan haha. I find discrimination to grow from insecurity since not everyone in this country is really a moeslem, and I find them to be rather unfair with their "Qur-an" references which I find Moeslem to not be a religion of hatred(I'm not one). and yes, everyone is perfectly born this way, amen fashion to the unicorns. I find discrimination to be uneffective, like somehow the image of the religion, which is innocent itself is tainted, oh plus I still don't forgive those "Moes-lem"s who aren't really demonstrating love for not allowing gaga to perform. Like this country needs a role model against prejudice.

  12. love the vest <3 yeah agree with you...


  13. You are becoming a print king, i say. I love the vest..the white shirts definitely brings it out.

  14. It's so true what you are telling :) People who prejudge other people is so wrong and they're missing a lot to learn.

    Anyway, about your outfit: great vest!!! you have to make one for me jajaja joking. Hope you have a freat semester too

  15. Actually I don't really understand about politic, in fact political things just make me sick (sorry for saying that) buuuttt I love ur vest and also the illustration of Gaga that you made.

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  16. first, i love your diy vest! would love to see the tutorial, pls? ;p

    second, your drawing is waaay too awesome! heart it so much <3

    lastly, i couldn't agree more with your thoughts. gw kaget loh denger ada black campaign gt :o :o *gak ngikutin berita soalnya* it's quite a shocker really, thanks for bringing that up!

    anyway keep inspiring!


  17. hello! thanks for dropping some thoughts on my blog. Do you like HiVi too?

    that vest is gorgeous, way to go, bro! keep working with your artwork, I think you are definitely talented. have a nice day!

  18. Wonderful piece you created and I like that you voiced your opinion in your post, it's great. Thank you for visiting my blog :) x

  19. love the vest! and as a 16 years old Jakarta citizen, i haven't got the rights to vote but the issue concerns me also. Foke parties are like... black campaigns everywhere and dissing Jokowi-Ahok in every way available. Tolerance is what we really really need in Indonesia

    Pudding Monster

  20. Nice outfit & I love the drawing :)!


  21. Such a great drawing and outfit!

  22. your vest and shoes are dope, you look fantastic! and omg the Gaga illustration is way too awesome! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  23. no worry dude, everything's legal in politic. I ensure you're talking to the right man here about politic haha hey man, how did you do that vest? The print is one of a kind

  24. love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  25. Hey! nice blog :) follow each other?

  26. trus gimana sih itu kelanjutan Jokowi sama Ahok?

  27. i love the pattern of your vest! cool look ;) i agree, people are often being fake, and pretend to be nice. anyway, just be yourself, you're fab :)

  28. cool look and those shoes are really nice!
    love that patterns on the wall too!
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